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International CGI Award 2017

Presented by Lürzer’s Archive and the CGIc


Submit now for the International CGI Award 2017!

All submissions made to our next 200 Best Digital Artists book by May 14th, 2017 will be automatically considered for the Int. CGI Award 2017.




The ICGIA (International CGI Award) was presented for the very first time in 2016. As last year, Michael Weinzettl, long-term editor-in-chief of Lürzer’s Archive will be one of the jury members. A competition staged in association with Lürzer’s Archive and the CGIc, the ICGIA actually comprises two awards, the Professional Award and the Student Award. 

1st price: Free publication in „Lürzer´s Archive Vol. 04/17″

2nd price: Free exhibitor space at the CGIc 2018

The best five CGI submissions in each category will receive a free ticket to the CGIc 2017, the best 10 CGI submissions will be featured at the CGIc 2017 and on the CGIc website for one year.

Awards will be presented at the CGIc 2017 during the evening event in Hamburg on June 1, 2017.


Submissions for the CGI Students contest can be send to em@luerzersarchive.com.

We look forward to your Submissions and wish you good luck!


Meet the Jury:

Mirjam Böhm

Mirjam Böhm

Mirjam is the Hamburg-based head of PAM, a photographer’s rep agency she founded in 2003. She started her career in photography in the early 1990s as a trainee with legendary German photographer F.C. Gundlach, later working at his photo lab PPS Hamburg. She then assisted top German photographers Uwe Düttmann and Kai Degenhardt before becoming a freelance photographer with a focus on sports assignments.

Michael Weinzettl

Michael Weinzettl

Michael is Publisher and Editor-in-chief of Lürzer’s Archive, having first joined the publication back in 1987, shortly after completing his M.A. in American Cultural Studies and Film at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt. Michael has now been curating Lürzer’s Archive content for more than two decades. He writes a weekly blog (Editor’s Blog, published Fridays) to be found at www.luerzersarchive.com

Michael Jostmeier

Michael Jostmeier

Michael is head of the Design faculty at the Georg-Simon-Ohm University in Nuremberg, Germany. He has been professor for media design and CGI imaging since 1996. He chairs the DFA, the German Photography Academy, and in 2004 organized the symposium “Das Digitale Bild – Bildung des Digitalen II,” as well as editing the accompanying book of the same name. He was on the jury for our first issue of 200 Best Digital Artists and also a judge at the First International CGI Awards created by Lürzer’s Archive in cooperation with the ICGIW at the 8th International CGI Congress in Hamburg held in early June of the current year.

Ricardo Salamanca

Ricardo Salamanca

My interest in advertising comes from childhood, it was something that always attracted me. I liked the freedom of creation that transmitted and that is why it was not difficult for me to choose my profession. Through design I came across advertising and art.

After working for a long time in advertising agencies, from 1991 to 2004, I decided to become independent and to create my own studio specialized in the production of art for agencies.

During all this time I have been able to see how the CGI has evolved and I am glad that every day more people are interested in developing in this field. While I have developed in the digital world, I have never left aside my interest and skills in traditional art.

Surachai Puthikulangkura

Surachai Puthikulangkura

Surachai Puthikulangkura is one of the top-rated illustrators/digital artists on the Lürzer’s Archive rankings (and throughout the entire industry, really). Over the past three years alone, our print magazine has featured some 20 campaigns by the prolific Bangkok-based creative and his Illusion Studio. He has won tons of awards – Cannes Grand Prix and Lions included – for his work on the accounts of clients such as Batelco, Samsonite, the WWF, Canon, and many many more.

Alexander Bouquet

Alexander Bouquet

Alexander Bouquet has worked as Head of Postproduction in the internationally acclaimed agency JUNG VON MATT for several years. He started his career at Mackevision, then worked for RECOM, and finally arrived at JUNG VON MATT, headquartered at Hamburg. These agencies formed his focus on the automotive sector.

Now his main task at JUNG VON MATT/NECKAR based in Stuttgart comprises of transforming ideas into great visuals. For this he uses photography, CGI and postproduction. Motion Design is the latest segment which he and his team work in as part of everyday business. His list of clients include brands such as Grundig, Mercedes, Audi, Mini, Kärcher, Porsche, Vodafone and many more.

Alexander Bouquet also works as a photographer in areas of Landscape and Still. Furthermore he is a guest professor for Virtual Photography at the Kaiserslautern University in his former course, Virtual Design.

And the winners of 2016 are …

Article by Michael Weinzettl, editor-in-chief of Lürzer’s Archive

As I told you last week I attended the 8th International CGI Congress in Hamburg on June 1 and 2. In addition to the program with loads of speakers on the development on all things CGI as well as several workshops (check out  https://www.icgiw.com/program-speaker-2016/), Lürzer’s Archive in cooperation with the ICGIW also handed out the first International CGI Award. Since this year will also see the publication of our next biennial issue of 200 Best Digital Artists we decided to make submissions to this award automatically eligible for our book (and vice versa).

The jury consisted of Michael Jostmeier, head of the Design faculty at the Georg-Simon-Ohm University in Nuremberg, Germany and a professor for media design and CGI since 1996,  Matthias Langner, the organizer of the ICGIW, Surachai Puthikulangkura, the highest-ranking CGI artist in Lürzer’s Archive and myself.

It was my task to boil down the 1000 submissions to a doable 60 images, which were then presented to the jury. Each of us proceeded to select our own Top Ten and this way we arrived at the winning images.

First place went to a digital artist whose work has been featured many times in the pages of our magazine, Ricardo Salamanca and his studio Salamagica in Santiago de Chile.

Icardo Salamanca and Studio Salamagica, Santiago de Chile

The vote for Ricardo Salamanca was a unanimous one. The winning image is from a series of works that re-imagine the sets of famous films.It might take the viewer a while to find out just what the film set depicted is, which makes these CGI creations even more fascinating to look at. In this case we are watching a key scene from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall) being filmed – wholly in Ricardo Salamanca’s imagination of course. If you haven’t figured this out yourself by now, have a look at the left-hand corner of the image.

Second place in the Professionals Awards category went to Ars Thanea, Warsaw, for this amazing image:

Ars Thanea, Warsaw

We arrived at the winner of the Students Competion by way of a mistake in my selection process. When I first saw Anselm Franke’s CGI creation it was, for some complicated reason I don’t even begin to understand, placed among the submissions by the professionals. And so I preselected it thinking that this was a professional CGI artist’s work. When the mistake dawned on me and I found out that this image was in fact created by a student (at the Georg-Simon-Ohm University in Nuremberg, Germany), I thought Anselm’s creation certainly deserved to be the winner of the Students Award.

Digital Artist: Anselm Franke.


And here are the other eight CGI creations that made it into the Top Ten:

Client: De Cabrón Chilli. Agency: Africa, São Paulo. Creative Directors: Sergio Gordilho, Alvaro Rodrigues, Diogo Mello. Art Director: Márcio Doti. Copywriter: Deborah Vasques. Illustrator: Sérgio Paulo, Paulo De Almeida.

Digital Artist: Diego Speroni of Zombie Studio, Sao Paulo.

Client: Poste Italiane. Ad Agency: McCann Erickson, Milan. Creative Directors: Gaetano Del Pizzo, Alessandro Sabini, Alessandro Sciortino. Art Directors: Anna Clara Fanesi, Paolo Raffaello Rubino. Copywriter: Andrea Piovesana. Photographers and Digital Artists: Winkler+Noah.

Client: Asics. Digital Artists: Saddington Baynes, London.

Digital Artists: Saddington Baynes, London.

Digital Artist: Simon McCormack of Lightfarm Studios, Auckland.

Digital Artist: Simon McCormack of Lightfarm Studios, Auckland.

Client: McCain. Digital Artists: Carioca Studio, Bucharest.

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